Good Source Foods Sampler Pack

Contains 3 1.0 oz Sustained Energy Clusters (1 each of Morning Jump, Afternoon Boost and Evening Chill) and 3 2.5 oz Ancient Grains Bites (1 each of Hemp Hearts, Quinoa Crunch and Simply Seeds)

Good Source Foods sample 6-pack for just $19.49! This special deal includes one of each flavor of Good Source Snacks so you can find your favorites. 

All these healthy snacks taste good and are made with dark chocolate infused with heart-healthy omega oils, fruit, nuts, and grains. All natural snacks, made with superfoods with heart-healthy, immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s all good. It’s Good Source. 

 Snack with purpose and function. 

  • Perfectly balanced snacks (or meal replacements) with functional benefits.
  • Whole Food Ingredients.  Nothing Artificial.
  • Nourishing and satisfying ingredients. Feel full so you don’t eat more. 
  • Plant-based, low sugar and gluten free.

Each box contains 3 Sustained Energy Clusters and 3 bags of Ancient Grains Bites:

Morning Jump - Sustained Energy Clusters

Afternoon Boost - Sustained Energy Clusters

Evening Chill - Sustained Energy Clusters

Quinoa Crunch - Ancient Grains Bites

Simply Seeds - Ancient Grains Bites

Hemp Hearts - Ancient Grains Bites

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