We believe that a healthy life is a happy life.  

People everywhere in modern society are turning away from unhealthy lifestyles filled with excessive behavior.  Even super-athletes now recognize that high performance takes its toll.

We recommend:

Balanced Nutrition:  Too much of anything is a bad idea.

Intermittent Fasting:  A hard stop for a day goes a long way. 

Healthy Snacking:  A good snack should satisfy you. 

Mild Exercise:  A long walk can do wonders.

Genomic Nutrition

We now know that each of us is genetically unique, although we have many things in common. 


We share  a common set of metabolic pathways

 that digest and process the food we eat into energy and complex proteins that sustain us. 


Yet, we process some foods differently.  

Each of us has a genetic inheritance that influences

 what foods are best for us.


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