Food Facts

Whole Food-- Naturally grown fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and fresh fish and animal protein provide a healthy balance that is right for most people.


Processed Food-- The processed food industry is focused on making products inexpensive and convenient which often distorts the nutritional value of food in unhealthy ways.

Fast Food-- Fast food is packaged, delivered, and priced to make us eat more than we should every time.


Soft Drinks-- Most popular soft drinks are basically caffeine and liquid sugar that floods our body with resources we can’t use.

Adding Sugar Is Making Us Sick

Being overweight is unhealthy and obesity can shorten our life by as much as 10 years.  


Sadly, the food industry has been over-using sugar in processed foods to stimulate our appetite to eat more than we should of the products they sell.  


The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to avoid sugar.  The temporary lift we get from high sugar products is habit-forming and harmful. It’s no joke.

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