It’s time. It’s time to do what’s right. It’s time to challenge conventional thinking about processed food.

No more high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt junk food.

At Good Source Foods we think it’s time to make healthy snacks and meals that taste good.

Our Mission

At Good Source Foods our mission is to slow and reverse the national obesity epidemic, starting with children.

An obese child has an 85% probability of being obese as an adult.

We are committed to providing convenient food products that deliver healthy, balanced nutrition for mindful eaters of all ages.

Our Philosophy

We believe that fresh food is the best food. But when you can’t eat fresh, we believe that processed food should deliver a
slow-metabolizing combination of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Just like Mother Nature intended.

Our Products

At Good Source Foods we are all about providing you with low sugar, nutritional snacks that taste good. 

We start with delicious dark chocolate that we infuse with heart health omega oils to give it a rich clean taste. 

Then we add fruit, nuts, grains, vitamins and minerals that deliver all-natural, whole food goodness.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of experienced executives and managers with the food science, marketing, and operational skills
to make high-quality, best-of-breed products that satisfy your appetite without encouraging you to overeat.

Our Facilities

We operate in a modern 30,000 sq ft facility with state-of-the art processing equipment and room for expansion. 

We are ready to grow with our customers.

Our Pledge

We started Good Source Foods for our children. 

We are concerned about the health and well-being of future generations


•We will not make products that flood your system with excessive amounts of any single source of nutrition.

•We will not mess with our product formulations to trick you into eating more than you should, so we can sell you more.

•We won’t play games with labeling to make it hard for you to understand what ingredients we use.

•We won’t adulterate our products with additives to achieve a cost structure that meets some artificial price point.

•We will never super-size you to make our manufacturing process more efficient.

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