Our Story

At Good Source Foods our mission is to help you live a healthy and happy life. Healthy starts with eating all-natural whole foods whenever possible. Happy starts with low sugar snacks that taste good. We serve the needs of mindful eaters of all ages who prefer snacks with a healthy balance of protein, fiber, carbs and vitamins. 

It’s all good. It’s Good Source!

We will always formulate our products with only the highest quality, all natural ingredients with balanced nutrition. None of that bad artificial stuff.

We will not make products that flood your system with excessive amounts of any single source of nutrition. No super-packed powers or super sizes.

We will not mess with our ingredients to trick you into eating more than you should, so we can sell you more. Our products actually satisfy hunger, so you eat less.

We won’t play games with labeling to make it hard to understand what ingredients we use. Transparency in labeling is our motto.

Join the Under 10G Movement

At Good Source Foods, we launched a grassroots campaign called the Under 10g Movement to educate communities about the dangers of high sugar foods. You can help. Believe in a low sugar future!

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