Evening Chill Protein Clusters 12 Pack

Chill out with Evening Chill, filled with calming natural ingredients like magnesium and lavender.

Are you a nighttime snacker?

These nutritious balanced bars will stop those nighttime munchies and help you stick to your intermittent fasting routine, too.

Delicious dark chocolate protein clusters are portioned into a convenient sleeve.

Formulated to relieve anxiety and calm the body with superfood ingredients: almonds, walnuts, oats, cherries, turmeric and lavender.

A nutritious balanced snack that provides vitamins and minerals like melatonin, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, vitamin E and omega-3 oils that help lower blood glucose, reduce inflammation and relieve stress, anxiety and restlessness.

Plant-based, low sugar and gluten free. 

Contains 12 - 1.0 oz Evening Chill Sustained Energy Clusters. 

CALORIES:  140, Protein: 5g, Fiber 2g, Sugar 5

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