Good Source Foods Sample Pack 6 Pack

Contains 3 1.0 oz Sustained Energy Clusters (1 each of Morning Jump, Afternoon Boost and Evening Chill) and 3 2.5 oz Ancient Grains Bites (1 each of Hemp Hearts, Quinoa Crunch and Simply Seeds)

Good Source Foods sample 6-pack for just $19.49! This special deal includes one of each flavor of Good Source Snacks so you can find your favorites. For every Sample Pack you buy, we contribute $5 to the Under 10 Gram Movement.

All these healthy snacks taste good and are made with dark chocolate infused with heart-healthy omega oils, fruit, nuts, and grains. All natural snacks, made with superfoods with heart-healthy, immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s all good. It’s Good Source. 

 Snack with purpose and function. 

  • Perfectly balanced snacks (or meal replacements) with functional benefits.
  • Whole Food Ingredients.  Nothing Artificial.
  • Nourishing and satisfying ingredients. Feel full so you don’t eat more. 
  • Plant-based, low sugar and gluten free.

Each box contains 3 Sustained Energy Clusters and 3 bags of Ancient Grains Bites:

Morning Jump - Sustained Energy Clusters

Afternoon Boost - Sustained Energy Clusters

Evening Chill - Sustained Energy Clusters

Quinoa Crunch - Ancient Grains Bites

Simply Seeds - Ancient Grains Bites

Hemp Hearts - Ancient Grains Bites

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